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We never pictured ourselves sending this letter – but our life has changed in ways that we could never imagine.

As I'm sure you can relate, before our daughter Alissa was born, we dreamt about the future, we pictured her running all over and asking a thousand questions as a young child, driving us crazy as a teenager, making us proud as she graduated, meeting the person of her dreams.

Then the words "brain injury" entered our lives and everything changed. We have been told that she will never walk on her own, never speak, and never eat except through the tube in her stomach. We have searched the world for a doctor or a group that can help, but the only advice we have been given is to grieve what will never be and move on to accept that she will never live a "normal" life. But you know that we don't give up that easily.

Instead, we have created a new non-profit organization called BRIGHT (BRain Injury Group - Hope through Treatment). BRIGHT is a multinational gathering of families and professionals that now know that treatment breakthroughs are inevitable, but have been delayed because an environment of information sharing, adequate funding and accountability is not in place. With such a support system, brain injury research can be accelerated so that our children will benefit in their lifetimes. We are creating a focused program, an Apollo Space Program of sorts, but for the children. Only our vision is not to set foot on the moon, but a vision that every parent can relate to - "to watch our children dance at their own weddings."

BRIGHT's scientific board consists of 15 doctors and scientists from world-renowned institutions such as MIT, Stanford and Johns Hopkins. Their specialties range from neurology to rehabilitation to robotics. Even now, they have many exciting treatment possibilities for our children that require nothing more than adequate funding to take them out of the laboratory into the clinics.

Eventually we will succeed in raising public awareness and our kids will get federal funds just like the Breast Cancer or AIDS folks. However, this may take more time than Alissa can wait. This is why we are asking you to help today. Any gift will be welcome. Your tax-deductible gifts will allow the process to begin. It will only take a moment of your time to make a credit card donation on our secure server above. Or, you can mail a donation to:

BRIGHT, 870 Larkspur Dr., Brookfield, WI 53045

Again, we never pictured ourselves asking you for help - but we have never felt so helpless until we made the decision to do something about it. Your contribution will not only help Alissa but many other kids as well. Cerebral Palsy, the most common symptom of brain injury, is also one of the most common childhood disabilities, with over 500,000 suffering in the USA alone. We give you our commitment that with your help, the parents and professionals at BRIGHT will make a difference in these kids’ lives. Thank you so much for considering this.


Matt and Leslie Palaszynski

Co-Founders, BRIGHT

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What Else Can You Do? Your financial donations are the backbone of future Breakthroughs, however there are many other ways which you can contribute.  Please send us an e-mail at maplg@ourpostbox.com with your contact information, your donation amount, and any further volunteer interests you might have:

  • Volunteer your time 
  • Put a link to the BRIGHT Foundation on your website
  • E-mail the website address to a friend
  • Write a case study of your family's experience
  • Agree to Participate in the BRIGHT Database Project
  • Visit our Advocacy page and get involved
  • Research a new theory
  • If you are a professional join our Scientific Advisory Board

Contact BRIGHT

The BREAKTHROUGH initiative's goal is to raise funds for improved treatment options and innovative research.

Every year hundreds of promising research projects, all of them approved through a rigorous national peer-review system, are not funded. By pushing research dollars into projects that have demonstrated significant potential for discovery, the BRIGHT Foundation can guarantee the highest possible return on every research investment.

How are Research Dollars Allocated?
Every level of giving, from $50 to $500 and up, has a direct impact on research and quality of life programs. The number of research awards given and quality of life programs developed each year is directly related to the amount of funding the BRIGHT Foundation receives.


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