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  About Us
The Bright Foundation's Mission:

BRain Injury Group - Hope Through Treatment

We are in the process of structuring ourselves to operate as a non-profit organization who's mission is to unite parents and professionals alike in an effort to make a significant improvement to outcomes of  children suffering motor and/or cognitive developmental delays caused by brain injury or some other neurological condition.  We will emphasize an approach that maximizes the opportunities available today to bring immediate assistance to families in need, as well as supporting focused research capable of achieving breakthrough results.  In addition, we aim to be the most comprehensive source of information & education on all matters relating to the treatment of brain injuries. 

For centuries prevailing medical knowledge stated that once the brain is severely damaged no treatment is possible. To a great degree that notion still prevails throughout the world. However, for the first time in history, there is strong scientific evidence proving the old thinking wrong. 

Our Objective:

The BRIGHT Foundation's objective is to accelerate the transition of cutting edge treatment modalities from the laboratory to the clinic.  We have a multi focused approach to accomplish that objective.

Our Approach:

Our foundation is organized into two main focuses:  

1.) Treatment - The BRIGHT Project is dedicated to applying cutting edge Treatment.   

We are in the early stages of talking to a well known national non-profit organization.  If both our objectives and principles are complimentary, the BRIGHT Project may be approved to become an official program of the well know organization.  We believe this approach is most advantageous because it quickly allows us to achieve non-profit status, it assists us in meeting our objectives of providing cutting edge treatment and it leverages the outstanding resources available from the main organization.  We will keep you posted on this exciting possibility.  

2.) Research & Outreach - Here we are utilizing this website to help educate and promote effective research.  Also, we hope to find a way to cooperate with other established organizations in order to accelerate our collective impact.  Our hope is that we can all work together in harmony for the benefit of our children.      

Research: We hope to cooperate with Children's Neuro -Biological Solutions who's objective is to focus on cutting edge research in such promising fields as Stem Cell Implantation.  

Outreach: We hope to cooperate with THE MARGOT ANDERSON BRAIN RESTORATION FOUNDATION who's objective is dedicated to creating, supporting and accelerating massive research into safe and effective means of restoration of brain functions.  We also hope to cooperate with CHASA, The Pediatric Stroke Network and other similar organizations.


Our History:

Founded in 2002, we are a small group of parents and professionals who decided that the status-quo was not enough for our children.  We have children who suffer developmental delays because of some form of neurological injury.  Some of the more common causes of brain injury in infancy are Stroke, prolonged delivery, ruptured uterus, Amniotic Fluid Embolism, Near SID's, Chocking, Near Drowning, and premature birth.   For adults the most common causes of brain injury are Stroke and Traumatic Brain Injury.

The basic science that our foundation supports is common to both adult and infant victims.  However, because adults have already learned such complex tasks as walking and talking, the recovery after an injury is essentially re-habilitation.  For an infant, their injury occurs before they learn to walk or talk and thus they have the added complication of never having learned these tasks.  It is this added complication of development that separates infantile brain injuries from adult brain injuries.  Our foundation is interested in treatment of brain injuries, in the context of development.  

Because of the impact of the brain injury on development, many children with brain injuries will go on to develop abnormal motor skills.  These children are labeled as having Cerebral Palsy.  In some cases the brain injury interferes with cognitive development as well leaving these children cognitively delayed. It is our position that appropriate early intervention as guided by modern research can result in significant functional improvements.   

Some Statistics:

Approximately 15 million children in the United States, between the ages of 0-19 yrs., experience neurological conditions that severely limit their quality of life and lifespan.

Special education alone for these children costs society approximately 36 billion dollars annually. (These costs include more personnel for learning disabled classes, transportation to out of district placements, out of district schools for more involved children, equipment, aids, etc.). The advent of biomedical therapies has the potential for declining social costs as the impact of brain injuries is limited or reversed.

Statistics from Children's Neuro -Biological Solutions 


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